Baskin Photography is presented by Nigel Power.


Nigel is a skilled and passionate photographer who has been snapping away since he was a teenager. Following his recent retirement from a previous career, he is now taking the leap into a professional role.


Having practiced in a wide range of photographic disciplines he is offering his services to businesses and individuals alike who have a specific photographic requirement. Whether it's product shots, property images or corprate headshots for your website, just get in touch. By liaising with you before pressing the shutter, he will ensure that he provides your business with the images you want, not just what he thinks you want.

Nigel Power, has been teaching photography in a previous life for a number of years. If you own a camera and do not understand how to use it, get in touch. He can show you how to get out of 'auto' mode and start getting the most out of your camera.

Why 'Baskin Photography'?

Nigel thought about using his name like every other photographer but it didn't have the right ring to it. His father was a passionate hobby photographer (he still has his old bellows camera). He was born in Dublin, Ireland in a place called 'The Baskin'. In memory of him, Nigel decided to use the name for his business.